Decode Voice, Build Your First Voice Guide, and Unlock The Path to MORE Clients, BETTER Feedback, and HIGHER Copywriting Fees

Codex Academy is a live, small-group, Done-With-You training where we help you build, customize, and sell your first voice guide for an immediate ROI.


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Master It

Discover what “voice” actually means (it’s not some woo-woo concept that can’t be learned) and why most clients cite this as the biggest failure of their copywriters

Build It

We'll show you how to break down or create a new voice for any client. And we'll build out your first voice guide with you, which you can sell for an immediate ROI.

Sell It

Not only will you walk out with a finished voice guide, but we'll also teach you how to pitch, package, and sell it to new and old clients as an on-going service.

"Now I have something really unique that no one else has in the industry and it’s given me confidence to be bolder in pitching my copy services. I've worked Codex into my copy framework (customers don't know what I do behind the scenes) and that’s led to more high ticket sales of $10K+ sales page and $50K+ copy mentorship opportunities. Thank you, Justin!"

Julie Cabezas

Meet Your Instructors

The Codex Persona Workshop is presented by Abbey Woodcock, who worked behind the scenes for industry experts such as Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, and even Frank Oz (the voice of Ms. Piggy and Yoda!). Codex Academy is led by Justin Blackman, who has written for more than 329 entrepreneurs, and created voice guides for Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, and loads of others.

Get Paid to Learn Your Clients' Voice

Welcome to The Codex Academy

A Private Small-Group Training That Teaches You How To Analyze, Mirror, And Document Any Writing Voice—And Add Voice Guides To Your Services

In Just 6 Weeks You'll Master:

  • The 3 Elements of Voice and how, like a DJ, adjusting the levels produces a completely different sound 
  • 9 Voice Types and video examples of each in action
  • Your clients' "Kernel Content" (this critical element of their body of work is almost always overlooked -- I'll show you what it is and how to find it)
  • The one book all journalists use and how it shapes voice
  • 6 key sections of The Codex Persona and how to develop them
  • How to use artificial intelligence to analyze writing
  • 2 worksheets you can swipe and deploy instantly to get (and track) better feedback
  • How to package and pitch the Codex (we cover how to sell it if you're an in-house writer, as an add-on service to a bigger project, and as a standalone offer)
  • Why traditional pricing models don't work for the Codex and what to do instead
  • How to provide maximum value and warrant maximum prices (I'll break down an actual $20,000 Codex Proposal and even let you steal it)
  • How to create a brand voice from scratch

...And you'll walk out with a completely customized Brand Voice Guide you can immediately sell for a profit


BONUS - Join now and receive Justin Blackman's Brand Ventriloquist® Voice Guide Template



A few clients we've worked with...

Ramit Sethi | Jeff Walker | Amy Porterfield | Stu McLaren | The Agora Companies

What's included

  • Over 5 hours of live voice training (slides, audio, and transcripts of every video are included)
  • 2 Private 1:1 calls where we'll build out your guide and overcome any obstacles together
  • 100+ ways to describe your client's voice and how to zero in on the only ones you need
  • Essential questions to ask to get better feedback (both before the project starts and during the edit phase)
  • Multiple sample Codex Personas (they're from completely different industries)
  • The Brand Ventriloquist Voice Guide template you can customize for any client
  • Scoring Rubrics you can use to evaluate any type of copy, including content and sales pages
  • The Voice Toolkit (this is all the software I use to make sure I'm nailing voice every time)
  • Sample proposals and conversations to package and sell the Codex as a service

This is a live, Done-With-You version of The Codex Persona Workshop. We'll build out your first voice guide together, teach you how to customize, price, and sell it—and give you all the additional coaching and support you need. 


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