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Codex Persona Workshop

$1,297.00 USD

So excited you'll be a part of the Codex Persona Workshop!

You'll learn:

  • Understanding what “voice” actually means (it’s not some woo-woo concept that can’t be learned) and why most clients cite this as the biggest failure of their copywriters…

  • How to break down your clients (or anyone’s) voice in a measurable, trackable way so that you don’t get such vague edits from your clients. You’ll be able to cut the approval time in half or more.

  • And how to take feedback from your clients and create a comprehensive voice style guide called the “Codex Persona” (and you can charge for this process … increasing your project fee while doing less work).

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Add Custom One-on-One Support!

Get one-on-one support while developing your Codex Persona. Includes a Codex review and a one-on-one consult call to walk through your Codex or help you pitch, package, or price your Codex Persona services.