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Get instant access to a free digital version of What They Hear When You Write, including the worksheets and free writing tools. You'll start creating unforgettable content that mesmerizes your market in a way that's authentically, unmistakably YOU.

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Who the Codex Persona is for...


who want to communicate to their tribe in an authentic, unique way.


with growing businesses who want to outsource some writing but are afraid it will sound inauthentic.


who want to serve their clients better and get more repeat business by nailing voice.

Learn Any Voice

Voice is one of the most talked about yet most elusive parts of effective writing. Clients often cite it as the number one problem when hiring writers.

I'll uncover the secrets to the most effective and memorable writers and how you can find and hone your client's unique, unmistakeable voice.  

 I'll show you my system learn any client's voice. Create authentic, effective copy.

You'll learn:

  • Why finding your voice is critical to every part of your business -- not just blog posts. 
  • The 3 critical elements that make up voice -- and how they work together in every post you read.
  • The 9 Primary Types of Voice you see in writing and how to identify and master yours.
  • One decades-old strategy to shortcut the voice learning curve (that almost nobody online uses).

"Abbey was a key member of my team during a time of explosive growth. I needed to grow my content team and leaned heavily on Abbey. The systems she created to hire, train, and evaluate writers are now a daily part of operations. Writing great copy isn’t just about the words on a page. It’s about taking feedback, consistently improving, and learning to master different voices. Abbey can do all of these things, and most importantly, she’s a pleasure to work with."

Ramit Sethi
CEO of GrowthLab

"Justin and Abbey know voice better than anyone."

Kira Hug
Co-founder, The Copywriter Club

"I will tell you that the Codex Persona workshop has been the best investment I ever made. Lots of workshops I paid for and 1) never finished or 2) just didn't get a ton of value from it - for a variety of reasons. The Codex Persona workshop was gold! I keep returning to it again and again and it has given me a space and a product in my area that is unique"

Valerie Bovey Hooks

"It's an awesome system. And for lots of clients with personal brands and followings, their #1 concern is NOT price (they have money)... it's finding a writer who can nail their voice. It's an awesome competitive advantage. The course is not just info either, it's a repeatable, predictable system. It takes all the mystery out of breaking down and writing in someone else's voice... and I think it even helped with understanding my own voice for my own writing."

Chris Orzechowski
The Email Copywriter, Orzy Media

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Codex Persona

Discover the secrets to analyzing, documenting, and mirroring any writing voice — and create a comprehensive brand voice guide called The Codex Persona.

You'll be able break down any client's voice in a measurable, trackable way so you eliminate vague edits and cut the approval time in half (or more). 

You can charge for this process… increasing your project fee while doing less work!



Write Like Anyone

In this sister program to Codex Persona, you'll learn how to sound like any client, even if their voice is unique... without creating voice guides.

We'll deconstruct the science of analyzing, matching, mirroring, and evolving any style so you can bring your skills to bigger clients and bolder brands — and pump out near-perfect copy on the first shot.

...And you may just improve you own style along the way.


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